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Development of sea shipping to Kaliningrad Region to continue regardless of lifting transit restrictions

Yesterday, EU allowed Russia to transit some sanctioned goods by rail transport via Lithuania

Development of sea shipping to the Kaliningrad Region will continue even if the issue with transit of sanctioned goods by railway is resolved positively, Kaliningrad Region Governor Anton Alikhanov said in an interview with Russia 1 TV channel when commenting on the EU decision to allow Russia to transit some sanctioned goods by rail transport to its exclave.

He reminded that the number of ships operating on the Baltiysk-Ust-Luga ferry line has been increased from two ships in the beginning of the year to six ship. “The development of this sea bridge will continue. Regardless of the positive solution of the railway transit issue, we consider it necessary to develop the infrastructure in Ust-Luga and Baltiysk while increasing the number of vessels on the line. It has been in great demand recently, regardless of the decisions taken by Lithuania or the European Union,” said the official.

Anton Alikhanov confirmed that over 80% of restrictions imposed on the transit to Kaliningrad have been lifted. “Today or tomorrow we will launch transportation of sanctioned goods,” said the Goevrnor when answering a question on resumption of the railway transit.

“Additional expenses coming from the need to repack cement into/from big-bags for transportation by sea considerably increased the cost of cement, by half. That entailed time and price challenges for us. Therefore, the railway transit resumption is crucial for construction materials, for metal,” explained Anton Alikhanov.

Restrictions imposed on road transportation of sanctioned goods to the Kaliningrad Region have not been lifted yet. According to the Region Governor, sanctions covered 2.5-3 million tonnes of cargo with road transport accounting for 0.5-0.7 million tonnes of sanctioned goods.

“Thus, a considerable part of goods remains covered by restrictions. In our opinion, they can be lifted as well. We have discussed this issue with RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs: we will insist on lifting those restrictions,” said the Governor.

According to Anton Alikhanov, monitoring of trade flows between Russia and the Kaliningrad Region the importance of which has been underlined by the European Commission, will not make problems. “There are standard methods to control the cargo flows. At least, railway transport will have no problems with running to the region,” said the Governor.

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