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Demand Management Solution Helps a Generic Drugs Manufacturer Reduce Costs and Address Supply Chain Complexities | Infiniti’s Recent Client Engagement

LONDON–()–Increasing population, higher prevalence of chronic diseases, and rising dependence on science and healthcare have helped the generic drug manufacturing market boom. However, the time-sensitive and highly competitive market can often make it challenging, if not impossible, for industry players to succeed. The importance of an efficient and streamlined supply chain, a strategic demand management plan, and an understanding of various market factors have become more evident recently. Therefore, many industry leaders are leveraging Infiniti’s demand management solutions to achieve the growth and success they require in this challenging market.

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“Industry leaders have focused on improving their supply chains and ensuring speed and quality in all their products. Demand management solutions help businesses address supply chain complexities, analyze past and present trends that affect their demand, and identify the ideal management processes required to succeed in a combative market,” says a biopharmaceutical manufacturing market expert at Infiniti Research.

Business Challenge:

The client, a generic drug manufacturer based out of the United States, struggled to maintain market share due to increasing competition and changing consumer demands. Additionally, the constant need for high-quality and fast production was challenging due to various supply chain complexities. Increasing competition led to competitive pricing, which caused further losses for the client due to rising production costs. The manufacturer sought to streamline their supply chain, address supply chain complexities, estimate consumer demand, and track patent expirations of name-brand drugs. Therefore, the generic drug manufacturer chose to partner with Infiniti Research and leverage our expertise in offering demand management solutions. During the five-week engagement, the client also wanted to improve their supply chain visibility, develop strategic relationships with suppliers, and meet consumers’ demands.

Our Approach:

To assist the generic drug manufacturer, Infiniti’s demand management solution experts developed a comprehensive three-phased approach that included the following:

  • Working with the company to tackle supply chain complexities and create transparency across units
  • Conducting competitive benchmarking analysis and identifying competitors’ and industry leaders’ strategies and approaches
  • Improving communication across the supply chain and enhancing strategic relationships with suppliers and consumers

Business Outcome:

Infiniti’s demand management solution helped the generic drug manufacturer streamline their supply chain, identify strategic supplier partnerships, and built a base to deliver high-quality products in the market. Additionally, the client developed a comprehensive go-to-market strategy and began tracking patent expirations of name-brand drugs to stay ahead of competitors and be the first to market. These changes helped the manufacturer reduce costs and price their products more competitively and better. The client also understood their consumers’ demands and developed offerings to meet them and increase customer retention. With Infiniti’s demand management solution, the generic drug manufacturer streamlined its supply chain, reduced costs significantly, and regained market share.

Speak to industry experts to understand how Infiniti’s demand management solutions have helped generic drug manufacturers overcome supply chain challenges and industry obstacles to succeed and champion the industry.

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