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Creating contract manufacturing supply chain roadmaps for competitive advantage

A major challenge for OEM manufacturers who use contract electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers is building efficient supply chains that can improve the OEM’s product positioning and help make your product portfolios more competitive.

This can be achieved by:

  • having access to information about the many challenges OEM manufacturers face when sourcing EMS services
  • leveraging practical experience and specific perspectives how OEM-EMS supply chain problems can be solved
  • applying rigorous and analytical insight that optimizes OEM supply chain cash conversion and,
  • choosing and implementing the right manufacturing roadmap for OEMs to execute their EMS manufacturing supply chain strategy

Central to primary concerns shared by many OEM executives is managing your manufacturing spend. Venture Outsource acts as an extension of your supply chain team with rigorous analysis of the ways to lower your manufacturing costs. If you want to analyze your contract electronics manufacturing supply chain to optimize pricing with your manufacturers vendors and suppliers protect your unjustified rising costs in the future, we can help.

When your company has 10, 100, or 1,000+ people responsible for costing, RFQ/quote pricing, and negotiating contract manufacturing service agreements for your manufactured product portfolios, having the right information, expertise, industry insight and, roadmap to execution allows your company to create a resilient manufacturing supply chain with better cash conversion that can have lasting effects on how your supply chain works and that’s a challenge where a specialized firm like Venture Outsource can help you address.

Venture Outsource manufacturing cost models leverage our contract manufacturing supply chain expertise to help our clients lower product costs, mitigate risk with your EMS suppliers and launch your products and expand into new markets more competitively while capitalizing on contract manufacturing industry best practices accumulated over decades and working with thousands of different manufactured products in various markets all over the world.

We help our clients take advantage of opportunities without shouldering all of the effort — and risk — themselves. The tools, advice, education and training Venture Outsource clients receive contains long-term value.

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