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COVID no problem for florist | News

While some parts of the country may have some problems getting flowers for Valentine Day that apparently won’t be a problem in Washington.

“I just put in our order for Valentine Day,” said Sheri Myers, at Myers Flower and Bridal Shop. “The numbers are there and we are ready to roll.”

The florist business appears to be one that has managed to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic at least locally.

“The demand for flowers has been up ever since the coronavirus hit,” said Myers. “People are sending more flowers than ever because they are forced to be separated. We’ve sent a lot of flowers to hospitals and nursing homes, just trying to spread some joy during some difficult times.”

The flower business has managed to keep going throughout what has been some difficult times for the economy.

“We were considered an essential business when things were closed down,” said Myers. “We locked the front door and did most of our business out of the back for a while. When we were cleared, we reopened the front door and have been working with walk-in customers ever since then.”

She also points out her wholesalers have managed to keep her in stock throughout the year.

“We have been able to keep up,” said Myers. “There have been no problems with supplies, even through the busy Christmas season. Things have been good enough that we even added a full-time employee.”

The places that may be having problems are those that are connected to China.

“I can see if you are importing flowers from China, where you could have a problem,” said Myers. “We have a few display items on order from there and those could be delayed.”

Even most potential transportation issues seem to have dissolved.

“We are having no transportation issues at all,” she said. “FedEx and UPS are running at normal. Our spring deliveries are beginning to come in. As of now everything is rolling along just fine. Our wholesalers are reporting no problems, so barring any last minute problems things should go just fine heading into Valentine Day.”

When it comes to a deadline for Valentine deliveries, Myers says they try to meet even the last minute requests.

“We really don’t have a deadline,” she said. “We try to accommodate our customers even on the day of the event. There may be some flowers that are not available, but we will work with the customer to come up with something appropriate.”

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