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Convey’s New Product Discover Reveals Hidden Issues With 17% of Holiday Deliveries

AUSTIN, Texas–()–Convey, the leading provider of delivery experience management software, today announced the launch of Discover, a transportation analytics and insights software solution for retailers that combines predictive insights and historical delivery performance reporting. Retailers using the product this holiday season received early visibility into unreported delays affecting 17% of shipments. Convey clients are using this visibility to proactively reset delivery date expectations with shoppers. Proactive communication strategies have proven to increase NPS for Convey clients such as YDesign,, and Grove Collaborative.

“The ability to seek out and get ahead of delays for our customers is critical,” says Anthony Curreri, Senior Logistics Manager at Boll and Branch. “We were already using Convey to communicate and in some cases upgrade shipment service levels to keep the promises we’ve made to our customers. We’re excited to see the impact having early visibility into these delays will have for both our own operations and our customers’ experience. Our goal is to increase consumer confidence to buy and committing to meet delivery expectations is just one example of that.”

Discover improves retailer operations by giving real-time access to all their last mile transportation performance data in one place. The system uses machine learning to provide insight into deliveries that have stalled or will miss their reported estimated delivery date. Additionally, a suite of out-of-the-box reports enables historical reporting to measure the impact of delivery on the consumer experience, carrier SLA performance, data quality, and benchmarking. These reports are easily segmented by a wide range of business criteria allowing retailers to zoom in to find critical optimization opportunities that add up to big impact. One high-end furniture retailer used these reports to reduce transit times by 2.3 days and increased on-time delivery performance by 4.6%.

For retailers, providing a consistently positive brand experience across multiple carriers and delivery options can prove difficult without timely access to the right data. A Convey survey of more than 200 retail supply chain leaders earlier this year found that the ability to analyze disparate data is their number one challenge to improving the delivery experience. For retailers today, reporting is tedious and time-consuming and requires stitching together data from carrier tools, ERPs, CRMs, audit platforms, and more into spreadsheets or BI tools. This process of preparing data can take 1-2 hours to complete, and therefore, happens too infrequently to have a real-time impact for consumers.

“Our customers tell us what’s most important to them is really one thing — to make delivery promises that they can keep,” says Michael Miller, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Convey. “Discover is just one critical component to ensuring retailers are able to guarantee a perfect delivery. This holiday season has already proven what can happen when network congestion and weather combine to wreak havoc on the supply chain that serves e-commerce. Convey’s ability to give retailers the extra time and tools necessary to keep delivery promises is unprecedented in the industry today.”

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About Convey

With delivery expectations skyrocketing, brands cannot leave the critical last mile to chance. Convey’s Delivery Experience Management platform combines real-time visibility, post-purchase experiences, and advanced insights and analytics to create a solution uniquely capable of perfecting last mile delivery. Supply chain and customer experience leaders including Neiman Marcus, and Eddie Bauer rely on Convey’s software and expertise to take action to ensure shoppers get their orders how and when they want, resulting in happier, loyal customers and a lower cost to serve. Founded in 2013, Convey is backed by Silverton Partners, Techstars Venture Group, RPM Ventures and based in Austin, Texas. Learn more about Convey at

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