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Congressional Candidate Alaina Shearer Visits Zanesville Factory

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-Democratic Congressional Candidate for Ohio’s 12th district Alaina Shearer visited the Zanesville mainstay manufacturing company Stewart Glapat this afternoon. 

The point of the visit was to discuss with a local business leader how she could better their lives if elected. Shearer stressed the importance of visiting a community such as Zanesville. . 

“It’s really important to know that Zanesville is one of the communities in our state that has chronic poverty, has chronic jobless rates, higher, almost two times higher than the jobless rate than elsewhere in Ohio and the nation. Stories that we have here such as at Stewart Glapat show us what happens when we innovate and we show our businesses can stay strong and grow, and we need that right now, we need partisan solutions.”

Shearer says that her first steps as a congresswoman would be to help fight the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic with increased CARES Act money and another round of stimulus checks. She also has plans for economic growth in a hopeful post COVID landscape. 

“We are gonna need to get to work, all of us. We are going to need to work very hard on rebuilding our economy. I come from a digital and tech background. I built two businesses as a single mom. It’s so important that we focus on areas of innovation and growth for our economy. One way the federal government can help is incentivizing new business growth and offering new stimulus packages to businesses in new industries.”

Shearer stressed that though she is a democrat she sees economic growth for our area as a completely non-partisan issue. Shearer’s opponent is incumbent congressman Troy Balderson.

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