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Caster rig improves tire manufacturer’s initial push force

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As a leading tire manufacturer’s large tread trucks (used for moving rubber by hand around its plant) became exceedingly heavy—too much for one person to push alone safely—a solution was necessary, and as quickly as possible. After all, the polyurethane tires on the cart’s wheels were also breaking down, leaving debris around the plant and marking up the floors.

The solution would have to help the employees that move the trucks, while a material, which wouldn’t break down and mark up the plant floors, would need to be used. With this in mind, the manufacturer contacted an industrial caster and wheel solutions provider after conducting a search for “caster problem solution.” The solutions provider’s experienced engineering team got to work right away to find the proper product with the proper materials that would also lower the initial push force.

After performing a stringent testing protocol that involved push-pull and durability testing in the toughest manufacturing application, the caster and wheel solutions provider’s team had the answer: a maintenance-free caster rig with premier ergonomic wheels.

The final result was dramatic. The tire manufacturer now has a tread truck that’s vastly easier to move, as well as a facility that’s safer and more efficient. To be precise, the tread trucks, which previously had an initial push force of more than 100 pounds, now have an initial push force of less than 40 pounds—a nearly 60% improvement. The change has also reduced strain on the body and alleviated the wear and tear on the machinery that’s used to carry heavy loads.

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