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Brown & Haley Factory Store – Tacoma, Washington

Founded in 1912, Brown & Haley is a candy company best known for making Almond Roca. The buttercrunch treat, coated in chocolate and crushed almonds, is sold worldwide in its trademark gold-foil wrappers and pink tins. Fans looking to pay their respects at the company’s headquarters, located in an industrial area of Tacoma, should keep an eye out for two things: the company’s vintage pink sign and its unusual outlet store.

The round pavilion that houses the store was originally part of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. It was even used as Elvis Presley’s “green room” during the on-site filming of It Happened at the World’s Fair. After the fair ended, Brown & Haley purchased the structure and had it moved to Tacoma, where it’s stayed ever since.

The store offers samples of Brown & Haley’s candies, including Almond Roca and Mountain Bars. They also sell “factory seconds,” treats deemed unsuitable for retail packaging because of mistakes, such as two pieces bonded together or broken. With the erroneous candies marked at an average one-third of the retail price, most customers happily overlook a few imperfections.

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