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Breaking News: Vizibl Resilience launched today for supply chain collaboration and resilience building

This morning SaaS-based supplier collaboration and innovation platform Vizibl launched Vizibl Resilience, which businesses can deploy rapidly to manage and solve supply chain issues, whether existing or newly exposed by the pandemic, collaboratively and efficiently.

The new offering appears to be an enhancement to, and draws from, the core elements of its signature Supplier Collaboration and Innovation platform for supplier growth, cost savings and enhanced performance. It can be used to help businesses working with vendors on new or existing projects, where change is required to solve problems throughout the supply chain by providing increased alignment and transparency in supplier and partner relationships.

It captures all communication, activities and results from all vendors working throughout the supply chain in a single platform, in real-time, in a digital workspace. The press release states that “Dashboards give the leadership team transparency around where the business is at in any point in time on any number of projects. This enables the organisation to identify any issues within those projects and quickly triage to those that need attention.” And that its rapid deployment capabilities remove many of the “resource-heavy and manual administrative tasks associated with managing supplier issues.”

While we have not seen a demo yet, we understand that the highlights of the new launch include:

  • Rapid deployment, so that current complications and uncertainty in the supply chain can be simplified and resolved quickly
  • Reporting functionality, to make supply chain issues, vendor status and stage of resolution visible to senior management and other stakeholders
  • Analysis of the financial impact and status of SLA targets
  • Free to use for organisations that are deemed to be supplying ‘essential’ services during the COVID-19 crisis

And what you can do with it includes:

  • Identify key suppliers, align on goals, mitigate risks
  • Digitise supplier operations, develop contingency plans, host QBRs, schedule check-ins and send surveys to ensure contingency plans are reviewed and maintained
  • Source new ideas, collaborate at speed and leverage a centralised project management and communication platform, track progress
  • Get instant insight into suppliers, consolidate your data, track resilience targets, customise and automate reports

Last year the London-based innovation software firm founded by Mark Perera and Alex Short in 2013 raised £3.1m in Series A investment.

One of the investment managers at the time said: “Vizibl is setting itself apart from competition and we believe that their product is powering the future of enterprise growth … Vizibl has a relentless focus on the challenges faced by today’s companies and the business has a deep understanding of the modern workforce. Having worked closely with Alex, Mark and the wider team throughout our investment process, we’re excited to see what this truly world class Vizibl team can deliver going forward.” In today’s announcement it appears to have borne fruit.

Said Nick Pike, Chief Revenue Officer at Vizibl: “Supply chain resilience has never been more important than in today’s climate – where the complexity of a global pandemic has created a multitude of supply chain issues, leading to uncertainty within organisations about how best to solve them. Vizibl Resilience provides a framework of governance within the supply chain, allowing for superior coordination of vendors solving multiple issues at the same time, while also enabling decision-makers, CPOs and CFOs to manage the resolution of issues in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.”

We will report back when we understand more about the offering and where it sits in the market alongside its parent counterpart. But, with an end goal to strengthen partner relationships and build supplier resilience through procurement technology, the firm has hit on a high agenda item for businesses right now.

Read the press release here, and learn more from Vizibl and request a demo here.


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