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Bogerd Martin introduces cybersecure data transfer device – Digital Ship

Maritime business Bogerd Martin has responded to the demand for creating a cyber secure way to transfer files to the ECDIS without the use of removable media.

The CT-Secure 460 is a DNV GL type approved device that allows the user to connect the ECDIS to a completely secure network location that houses all of the ENC data it needs to keep the navigation systems up to date.

This removes the need for using removable media such as AVCS DVD’s and more importantly, USB drives. USB drives pose the greatest risk as there is no way to completely control what they have beenconnected to and what they may transfer into the ECDIS systems.

According to Bogerd Martin, eliminating the use of removable media is the ultimate step towards creating a cyber secure bridge. To ensure complete elimination of USB drives, the CT-Secure 460 is capable of delivering any data type relevant to the users subscribed services.

Data for Admiralty charts and publications both paper and digital, updates and much needed data for e-Books from various publishers, software upgrades and so much more can now be exchanged between ship and shore in a secure closed circuit between the trusted networks of Bogerd Martin and vessels.

In combination with the Chart Track Navigator software, the CT-Secure completes the loop in having a complete, safe and secure solution for all data transfer a vessel might need for safe navigation.

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