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Biden to Review Issues with the Semiconductor Supply Chain

The supply shortage of silicon chips has reached an all-time high, and fabs like TSMC simply don’t have enough production facilities to keep up with the incessant demand from the server, PC, and automotive markets. Per a report from CNBC, President Joe Biden plans to review several critically important industries severely hampered by high demand — including the semiconductor industry.

More specifically, Biden wants the U.S. to be competitive with China and lessen its dependency on Chinese production facilities. For the semiconductor industry, this would mean that millions to billions of dollars would need to be spent on new fabs to both keep up with demand and lessen the strain on Chinese resources. Intel already has a number of fabs in operation in Arizona, and TSMC is currently planning to build fabs in the U.S., so it wouldn’t be a far-fetched idea to see significantly more fabs being built domestically.

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