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Bangkok Chemical Factory Explosion Shatters Windows of Nearby Home in Viral Footage

On the morning of Monday, July 5, a huge explosion destroyed a chemical factory on the outskirts of Thailand’s capital Bangkok, killing an 18-year-old and injuring at least 60 people. Now, a video of the explosion impacting nearby houses is going viral. The footage, taken from multiple security cameras, shows high-intensity flashes and shattering window panes. The timers in the different CCTV footage show the exact moment of the explosion at 03:09:20 that lasts for three to five seconds.

The first security footage in the video shows the parking of a house and then suddenly, a high-intensity flash burns out the visuals for a moment. The windows in the top right corner of the frame slam open and their glasses have been shattered. A white stick falls on the left side of the frame, probably breaking off from somewhere. There is another flash but it is not as strong. The second footage is from the perspective of the windows. The shattered glass is clearly visible in this footage.

However, the windowpanes of the parked pickup truck do not appear shattered. Another camera angle appears to record the backyard of the home. In this footage, when the explosion happens, the window on the top left falls off as a whole.

The video was posted on Youtube by video licensor ViralHog on July 9. Many users commented on the clip about the intensity of the blast. A user WildHaifa wrote, “I hope no one got hurt.” Another Youtube user Alan Smith compared the explosion to a recent fire that took place in Los Angeles. On June 30, a stockpile of illegal fireworks exploded during the Los Angeles Police Department’s bomb squad’sattempts to destroy them. Smith commented, “This reminded me of the LAPD Bomb Squad Truck explosion, that destroyed cars and homes in a residential area. The city will have a Class Action Lawsuit against them, for that stupidity!”

The Bangkok explosion that happened on July 5 created a huge fire afterwards destroying the company and killing an 18-year-old firefighter. 30 people were hospitalised after the accident.

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