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ATEX & IECEx Panelboards | Distribution Boards for Heat Trace & Lighting Systems in Hazardous Area Locations

ATEX IECEx Panelboards

Hazardous Area & Explosion Proof Electrical Equipment



For Global Hazardous Area & Explosive Atmosphere Installations

Intro: Appleton NEC/CEC and ATEX/IECEx PlexPower Series Panelboards use circuit breaker modules that provide explosion proof protection for standard off-the-shelf breakers, eliminating the need for a heavy cast enclosure. Component level protection means the panelboard enclosure is lighter, more compact and easier to install.

Breakers can be easily replaced, upgraded or added in the hazardous area zone or workplace with no bolted cover to remove, no need for sealing or rewiring and no danger of compromising flamepath integrity. There’s never been a simpler, more versatile way to protect lighting, power and heat trace circuits in wet, weather exposed, corrosive or hazardous locations.

It’s been ten years ago since Appleton introduced their PlexPower™ line of hazardous location distribution boards – bringing the concept of component-level protection to North American markets governed by NEC and CEC standards. With new certifications for IECEx and ATEX installations, Appleton Group introduced the P-Series PlexPower distribution boards to the global marketplace.

P-Series PlexPower  Easy To Install, Operate and Maintain.

ATEX & IECEx Panelboards - PlexPower | Low Voltage Electric Power for Hazardous Area Distribution Systems

ATEX & IECEx Panelboards – PlexPower | Low Voltage Electric Power for Hazardous Area Distribution Systems & Explosive Gas & Dust Atmospheres


For Zone 1 and Zone 2 (Gas) and Zone 21 and Zone 22 (Dust) explosive atmosphere applications, P-Series PlexPower distribution boards offer an innovative method for protecting power distribution, lighting and heat trace sytems. Appleton’s exclusive technology incorporates Labyrinth Joint Flamepaths into modular main and branch circuit breaker housings – allowing the use of standard, off-the-shelf circuit breakers that can be replaced in the field, instead of specialized, epoxy-encapsulated breakers.

Easy Maintenance  Easier Upgrades Easier Operation  Easier Installation
ATEX Maintenance ATEX IECEx Panelboards ATEX Upgrades ATEX IECEx Panelboards ATEX Operation ATEX IECEx Panelboards ATEX Installation ATEX IECEx Panelboards
Use infrared scanning to inspect breakers
without powering down the panelboard
• Minimize downtime and production loss
during routine inspection
• Replace breakers by opening individual
housings with standard hand tools
Add circuits and increase breaker capacity
using affordable off-the-shelf breakers
• Modular design allows you to expand or reconfigure the panel
Main breaker (MCCB) provides short
circuit and overload protection with
external actuation for quick reset
• Weatherproof windows allow external operation of branch breakers, with no
need to open the enclosure
Lighter weight enclosure
• No need for special handling equipment
• No need to install additional seals
such as barrier glands, Teck connectors orconduit seals


ATEX IECEx Panelboards

PlexPower offers the versatility to meet your hazardous area power distribution application requirements.

Standard Features

  • Branch breaker current ratings:
    – 1-pole: 120, 240 Amps, 63 Amps maximum
    – 2-, 3- and 4-pole: 240 and 415 Amps, 63 Amps maximum
  • Branch breakers are labeled with numbers:
    – Odd numbers for line side
    – Even numbers for load side
    – Labeled with inside breaker details
  • Mains circuit breaker rating:
    – 40 to 250 Amps, 2- , 3- or 4-pole
  • Mains and branch breaker combinations offer multiple cascading and short circuit ratings
  • Branch and mains breakers can be padlocked in either the On or Off position
  • Breaker modules supplied with captive bolts
  • Ground bar provided as standard
  • External ground lug provided as standard
  • 240/415 Volts breaker module 8-pole terminal wire range: 2.5 mm2 through 10 mm2 (standard), 16 mm2 with special lug
  • 600 Volts mains breaker module 4-pole terminal wire range: 16 mm2 through 150 mm2
  • Optional gland plate at the bottom of enclosure can be easily field punched or drilled for cable or conduit entries

Standard Options

  • Drain, add suffix – D
  • Drain/breather, add suffix – DV
  • Gland plate bottom only, specify suffix – GPP = plastic gland plate, – GPB = brass gland plate, —GPS = stainless steel gland plate.
  • 316 L stainless steel enclosure material, add suffix —316L
  • Stainless steel legend plate (specify legend), add suffix – SP
  • Voltmeter, add suffix – VM
  • Ammeter, add suffix – AM
  • Cable glands installed, add suffix – CG; (cable details to be provided by customer)
  • For Ex de IIC, add suffix – IIC
  • Optional frame (structure) for floor mounting, self standing with and without canopy; contact your local sales representative for additional information

Standard Materials

  • Enclosure: fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) or 304 stainless steel
  • Hardware: stainless steel
  • Bus bar: hard drawn copper
  • Chassis: hot dip galvanized for wall mounting

This unique flameproof design offers many advantages. For example, the Appleton P-Series uses standard circuit breakers which are less expensive than sealed breakers and are easier to source and stock. The lightweight, corrosion-resistant polyester enclosure is easy to mount, and the door can be opened without needing to remove multiple bolts and without compromising the flameproof integrity of individual breaker housings.

Hazardous Area Industries & Applications

ATEX IECEx Panelboards are specified extensively in the following industry sectors:

  • Chemical Plants
  • Process Facilities
  • Petroleum Plants
  • Refineries

ATEX Panelboards


PlexPower is engineered to solve operational problems, easily adapting to your installation needs while providing the flexibility you require to reconfigure electrical power circuits and increase capacity at any time.

ATEX & IECEx Panelboards - PlexPower

Modular Design Panelboards | Versatile Circuit Configurations

Appleton P-Series PlexPower distribution boards are also designed to fit a user’s unique power requirements and installation footprint. The modular design allows multiple distribution panel boards to be coupled together horizontally or vertically, offering practically unlimited circuit configurations while adapting to the available space.

A hot-dip galvanized steel wall mounting frame is included with each distribution board, and an optional self-standing frame is available for floor mounting, with or without a canopy, making the P-Series PlexPower distribution board flexible to any installation requirements.

A 50 kA copper busbar simplifies wiring while providing robust, reliable connections in a compact space. Factory installed Increased Safety line and load terminations are sized to accommodate branch breakers up to 32 amps, so facilities can easily upgrade ampacity in the future without rewiring the distribution board. Optional removable gland plates can be punched or drilled in the field to accommodate cable or conduit entries.


ATEX & IECEx Panelboards - PlexPower

  1. RUGGED CABLE TERMINATION – Each circuit breaker housing connects to the panelboard through Increased Safety line and load terminations for unyielding performance through years of heavy vibrations and shocks
  2. VENTING PLATE – Unique design of breaker housing allows safe heat dissipation, enabling breakers to maintain their rated amperage while eliminating nuisance tripping
  3. FLAMEPROOF ENCLOSURE HOUSING – Labyrinth joint construction maintains hazardous location rating while allowing easy dissassembly for servicing breakers
  4. FIELD REPLACEABLE BREAKER – Standard, off-the-shelf circuit breakers are easy to obtain and reduce inventory costs and downtime.

Operating the distribution board is simple, with external actuation of the main breaker, as well as branch breakers through a weatherproof window. Breakers can be locked in the On or Off position, with the ability to use multiple lockouts on the main breaker for extra security. Plus, Appleton’s P-Series PlexPower is the only IECEx and ATEX certified distribution board that allows user’s to reconfigure or replace breakers in the field anytime, with no specialized components required.

P-Series PlexPower distribution boards are available in six standard configurations, fulfilling a majority of hazardous area field requirements. Panelboards can also be coupled together to create over 300 configurations, as well as custom configurations to suit any specific requirements.


ATEX/IECEx:ATEX Certified Panel Board | Hazardous Area & Explosive Atmospheres
— Zone 1 and 2 – 21 and 22 Hazardous Areas
— EPL Gb Db
— Ex db eb IIB+H2
— Ex tb IIIC
— IP66/IK10

ATEX/IECEx — Optional:
— Zone 1 and 2 – 21 and 22 Hazardous Areas
— EPL Gb Db
— Ex db eb IIC
— Ex tb IIIC
— IP66/IK10IECEx Certified Panel Board | Hazardous Area & Explosive Atmospheres

Ambient Temperature Ratings:
— Standard model:
–25°C to +55°C (–13°F to +131°F)
— Standard model without switching:
–40°C to +55°C (–40°F to +131°F)



About Appleton

Since 1903, the Appleton brand has been the hallmark for electrical products designed to protect people and equipment while delivering reliable power. They supply the widest range of lighting fixtures, electrical fittings, plugs and receptacles, control stations, distribution panels and more. All are manufactured with the highest quality materials and finishes.

With the addition of ATX hazardous area product lines and ongoing new product introductions, Appleton offers certified protection for any environment, from ordinary commercial settings to hazardous locations (NEC, CEC, IEC, ATEX, and more) and the harshest industrial conditions – onshore or offshore, in any region of the world.


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