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ArrowStream and FoodINTransit Recognized for Supply Chain Agility at the 2022 FourKites Visibility Conference

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Oct 18, 2022 10:00 CDT

ArrowStream, Inc. (“ArrowStream”), the leading foodservice cloud platform for supply chain intelligence, in partnership with FoodINTransit, one of the leading managed services logistics companies serving the foodservice industry, was honored by FourKites with their Golden Kite award for Supply Chain Agility. The FourKites Golden Kite Awards were created to celebrate the companies that are innovating on the cutting-edge of supply chain visibility technology.

“ArrowStream’s Freight Visibility solution is a truly innovative application,” said Ryan Closser, Director of Network Collaboration at FourKites. “The combination of item-level inventory and purchase order monitoring with shipment location tracking provides customers with a superior end-to-end solution for inbound freight management. There couldn’t be a better fit for our Supply Chain Agility award.” 

With the foodservice industry struggling to counteract increasing supply chain uncertainty and price pressure, ArrowStream and FoodINTransit teamed up to launch Freight Visibility to FoodINTransit’s customers to create a new level of control and real-time predictive awareness that is driving cost out of customers’ supply chains. Leveraging the partnerships with both FourKites and FoodINTransit, ArrowStream developed an integrated, alert-driven view into sales demand, distributor inventory positions, purchase order status, and live shipment tracking. This visibility enabled FoodINTransit to make more proactive decisions to prevent stockouts, reduce food waste, reduce emergency deliveries, and adjust their network to keep critical products flowing. Since implementing ArrowStream’s solution, FoodINTransit customers have on average, experienced a 7% reduction in late deliveries to their inbound distributors. 

“We are excited to be recognized by FourKites and consider it a collaborative win with FourKites and FoodINTransit who we worked closely with to launch this product to serve our customers,” said Melissa Wreath, Senior Director of Account Management at ArrowStream. “In the past year, ArrowStream’s solution has provided freight tracking visibility on over 11,000 deliveries across 50 plus distribution points for FoodINTransit and its customers. Through the collaboration between FourKites vendor network combined with the PO inventory data from ArrowStream and FoodINTransit’s managed services team, FoodINTransit was able to achieve end-to-end visibility to nearly 50% of third-party carrier truckloads within just a few months of project kick-off.” 

ArrowStream technology actively prevents supply disruption today across over 275 restaurant chains representing over 100,000 restaurant locations. In addition to Freight Visibility, ArrowStream recently extended the reach of its supply protection capabilities with integrated visibility into inventory levels and production plans at manufacturer plant locations, allowing customers such as ARCOP, Brinker International and FOCUS Brands, among others to work directly with their suppliers to predict and prevent supply issues before they impact distributor stock levels. 

To improve supply chain visibility, please request a demo today. 

About ArrowStream 

ArrowStream, a Buyers Edge company, is the leading foodservice cloud platform for supply chain intelligence, with over 1,300 distribution locations, 10,000 manufacturers, and 275 leading brands across 105,000 restaurant locations tightly integrated into a single global network of applications and industry data.

Source: ArrowStream

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