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American Printer – DuraLink – Powering the Inkjet Evolution


In the ever-evolving world of multi-channel communications, creative marketers are finding new ways to represent the brands they support. Print remains a core pillar of the growing cross-channel expansion.

Digital Inkjet technology is a critical driver of evolution. It is providing color capabilities across print devices ranging from home desktop devices to high-volume commercial production print centers and high-demand in-plants. In between, there are businesses and specialty service providers who deliver printed output on everything from plain paper to complex substrates. Printers are producing a widening array of items that consumers touch, see, and use in their everyday lives.


There are challenges of meeting the high quality and brilliant color output of legacy printing technology. Clients expect the highest levels of quality, and often see offset as the benchmark. Inkjet print has to be able to match that output at a cost that makes economic sense.

Manufacturers who compete in traditional and emerging print markets must be able to develop their products quickly and reliably. Manufacturers face a choice between building everything in-house or partnering with trusted experts to leverage expertise and resources that lead to shortened time from concept to product delivery. 

Meeting these challenges requires solutions that deliver reliable performance, consistent color output, high machine availability, and seamless integration into production workflows from the simple to the complex. And it has to be delivered at a reasonable cost. It doesn’t have to be cheap, but it does have to be economically sensible.


Driven by a passion for innovation and a desire to change the printing industry, Memjet focuses on supplying OEM partners around the world with advanced printhead, module, and ink technologies. Together with OEM partners, Memjet develops some of the fastest, highest resolution, most flexible print solutions for the broadest range of market segments—at a remarkably affordable cost.



Memjet is not only passionate about inkjet printing- it’s the core of who they are. The company has become a global leader by developing exceptional inkjet printheads, modules, and ink technologies that enable its OEM partners to build industry-expanding printing systems. Memjet’s focus on affordable, high-resolution inkjet modules that integrate quickly and easily brings real competitive advantages to their partners. The power, speed, and flexibility of the smartly-designed and built subsystems result in superior printers that deliver exceptional output.


Memjet® print engines combine ink delivery, maintenance, component electronics, and under-printhead paper path in pre-configured engine designs that accelerate an OEM’s whole product development.



Memjet continues to power the evolution of digital inkjet by partnering with OEM’s on innovative products and devices that meet changing market demands. Building on the success of VersaPass and DuraFlex, Memjet’s innovators from around the world have come together to deliver the next generation of modular durability inkjet printing systems with DuraLink.

The DuraLink digital printing platform expands Memjet’s industry-leading speed, simplicity, and affordability to a broader range of commercial, packaging, and industrial printing markets. 

The components that make up a printer need to work together to deliver quality output. Everything from the data that drives the applications to the material handling and ink delivery subsystems must perform in sync. DuraLink addresses each of those challenges.

DuraLink helps manufacturers look beyond the status quo. The modular platform enables OEMs to build new and differentiated solutions that will give their customers a competitive advantage. These new products can enable market expansion and reach into emerging communication channels and methods that incorporate variable 1:1 data that helps enable exciting “live print” capabilities like augmented reality, multi-media collateral, and enhanced customer experiences.

Problem Solvers and Opportunity Builders

Memjet approaches challenges with an eye towards their OEM partners, and as importantly, towards the range of end-user environments that depend on technology to drive their business.

Having established themselves and an exceptional printhead system partner, the technologists at Memjet turned their talents toward expanding the quality, durability, and applications with the modular DuraLink printing system.

DuraLink Delivers

  • Simplicity – thoughtful design delivers high performing modules that integrate seamlessly into partner technology platforms. The simplicity extends to the end-user environments, where maintenance and ink replenishment are simple and easily integrated into production workflows.
  • Speed – Delivering well-engineered, solidly-built, and well-tested subsystems allow OEMs to accelerate the development and delivery of printers across a range of environments and applications.
  • Quality- Subsystems are built to integrate cleanly and operate reliably under production conditions.
  • Profitability – Exceptional, worry-free performance modules at reasonable cost give OEM partners a path to faster, more efficient development and go-to-market strategies.

Beyond Paper

How Packaging ImpactsContinued growth in e-commerce is driving increased opportunities for packaging and shipping products. Creative, personalized products demand attention-grabbing, brand-enhancing packaging that is both visually powerful and sturdy enough to handle the stress of shipping.

Much time and effort are devoted to designing packaging that extends the brand experience beyond the sale and builds brand loyalty with noticeable and memorable visual brand ambassadors, and Memjet inkjet technology allows printers to bring these creative and innovative packaging approaches to life for their customers.

Digital printing unlocks opportunities for creative marketers to reach consumers through an ever-expanding array of channels with new and innovative 1:1 communications – on the page, in the book, on the statement, or on the package. Memjet-powered inkjet systems provide options to printers so they can grow their capabilities to meet these demands.

Memjet’s DuraLink systems deliver value across traditional print platforms, from label making to traditional commercial print applications. The high visual quality, reliability, and simple workflow integration are driving even more creative output. A great example of how this technology fits into creative spaces is notlikeyou, a German company with a unique market that takes advantage of the speed, flexibility, and quality of the technology to extend its brand ethos to the unboxing experience.


Case Study – Enabling innovative companies to extend the creativity they put into their products to the packaging that carries it to the consumer.

German design company notlikeyou applies hand-painted graphic designs to popular footwear brands, creating unique, personalized expressions for consumers. With the Memjet-powered Xante Excelagraphix printer, the team at notlikeyou extends its creative brand vision with packaging as unique as the products inside.


Powering New Applications

When MGI was readying the AlphaJet for production, print output quality was top of mind. After evaluating many printhead technologies,  MGI selected the DuraLink solution from Memjet for color graphics. The combination of brilliant, 1600 DPI color and the thoughtfully designed and implemented DuraLink modular components gave MGI the quality and performance it demanded. The DuraLink color output complements the graphic embellishment capabilities delivered by the piezo printheads used in the AlphaJet.

UP Technologies DuMax 330 standalone high-speed Label Printing technologists chose DuraLink as the inkjet technology to deliver excellent color output.

Partners in Development

The future is about more than just printing on paper, and Memjet is committed to applications and designs that challenge the idea of what printing technology can do. Memjet works alongside OEM partners, assisting them with printer development and enabling them to accelerate their time to market while minimizing the cost to develop products.

The innovators work closely with their partners to anticipate potential issues and solve them before they hit the market. Each subsystem achieves the best possible performance through the team’s expertise in software, hardware, mechanical design, and fluidics.

Technology leaders are recognizing Memjet’s innovative approach to development and are developing complementary capabilities to extend the powerful capabilities of DuraLink. large-format printer manufacturer EFI’s Fiery digital front ends will be added to the portfolio of Memjet’s DuraLink digital inkjet production solutions.

 “We have installed a Fiery DFE to drive a 7-color digital press in Memjet’s headquarters demo center, and both our team and our partners are impressed with the way the Fiery DFE enables superior color and image control,” says Eric Owen, general manager of commercial press for Memjet. “It also offers customers advanced job management and the ability to produce versioned and variable print runs at engine-rated speed. Fiery technology, combined with DuraLink’s speed, image quality, and reliability, bring tremendous added value to Memjet’s DuraLink partners.”

Testing and Proving

Memjet continues to invest in multiple, fully equipped print labs, now on three continents. These labs provide an invaluable resource to the designers, engineers, and product line managers within Memjet and, more importantly, for the OEM partners. Concepts are tested, troubleshooting can be done, and training can be delivered in an environment where results can be evaluated, changes tested, and innovation can breathe. In addition to the labs, Memjet also develops software and print system reference designs that can give partners a head start prototyping and evaluating product designs.

Into The Future

Opportunities for digital color inkjet will continue to grow. New markets will bring new opportunities for OEMs, their customers, and creative print professionals around the world. DuraLink will continue to find new homes in legacy and emerging markets. OEM’s will continue to look to Memjet as a trusted partner.

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