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OMNIQ Corp. and Zebra Technologies Corporation have partnered to offer an AI-based yard management solution that incorporates real-time location capabilities with accurate and automated identification and tracking capabilities to optimize asset flow within manufacturing and distribution centers. Yard management systems are key components of supply chain logistics management, bridging transportation systems with supply for manufacturing and warehouse management systems.

OMNIQ’s neural network-based algorithm, which provides accurate automated vehicle recognition (VRS) and container recognition capabilities, will be used in the Zebra MotionWorks location solution. The system automates the identification of assets such as trucks, trailers, and containers, the tracking of locations, and the status and motion of assets and other resources, allowing users to monitor and manage these assets and their cargo with increased control, minimized downtime, and maximized performance.

Zebra MotionWorks with OMNIQ’s access control and security solution provides yard management capabilities that include:

Efficient identification and authentication of containers and trucks

Automatic vehicle plate recognition and arrival notice

Intelligent location of truck and container positions

Efficient warehouse entrance operation

Authentication and destination point alerts for exit gate operations

Real-time reporting, analytics, and insights


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