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AFL Barendrecht pre-reserves 2.2 hectares at Nieuw Reijerwaard

General director Eric Barendrecht of AFL Barendrecht and Gert-Jan Metselaar, director of the New Reijerwaard Joint Scheme, have signed an agreement for the pre-reservation of a plot of more than 2.2 hectares (22,245 m²) at Nieuw Reijerwaard.

Founder Alex and general director Eric Barendrecht of AFL Barendrecht with Gert-Jan Metselaar, director of the New Reijerwaard Joint Scheme (GRNR).

Former wholesaler Veiling Zwijndrecht
The Barendrecht Firm was founded in 1971 by Mr. AFL Barendrecht. “My father started as a wholesaler of fruit and vegetables at the Zwijndrecht auction. We moved from Zwijndrecht to the ZHZ trade centre in Barendrecht, where the activities were expanded to include fruit and vegetable im and export. At the turn of the century we slowly switched from a wholesaler / importer / exporter to providing logistics services in fruit and vegetables,” says Eric.

“At that time we were doing the storage of fruit and vegetables and we also started with the fruit and vegetable transport. We started with two trucks and have now grown to a workforce of 45 colleagues and 45 tractor units. In 2008 we took the container transport into our own hands in addition to our conventional transports to provide our customers with that as well. Currently we also work a lot with charters in transport, either for conventional freight or container transport. “

No expansion options on the Oosteinde
“In 2008 we had to leave the three warehouses at the trading centre and moved from there to the Oosteinde in Barendrecht. Here we have grown so much over the past twelve years that we were unable to expand our activities. That is why we chose Nieuw Reijerwaard to expand our logistics activities and to be able to serve our customers better. “

The company is building a commercial building with parking spaces on Nieuw Reijerwaard. The building will be taken into use at the end of 2022. Gert-Jan Metselaar: “We are very happy with the interest of AFL Barendrecht in Nieuw Reijerwaard. We offer space for the necessary expansion for many companies in the region. Companies within fruit and vegetable logistics are certainly very welcome here! ”

For more information:
Alex / Eric Barendrecht
A.F.L. Barendrecht B.V.
Oosteinde 5
2991 LG Barendrecht
Tel: (+31) 0180-614700
[email protected]

Astrid Aarts
Nieuw Reijerwaard
[email protected]

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