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ADM enters supply chain agreement in China

SHANGHAI, CHINA — Liaogang Nisun Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd., a Fintech Digital Technology Co. Ltd. subsidiary and controlled affiliate of Nisun International Enterprise Development Group Co. Ltd., has signed a strategic cooperative with ADM Management Co. Ltd., a Shanghai, China-based subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland Co.

Nisun focuses on linking key stages and stakeholders of the agriculture supply chain from agricultural research and development, production and processing to storage, transportation, sales and marketing, consumption and service.

Chicago, Illinois, US-based ADM is one of the largest oilseed, corn and wheat processing companies in the world. ADM Shanghai, founded in July 2012, is the regional headquarters of ADM in China, responsible for managing all ADM Group factories in China.

Under this agreement, the two parties will work together on developing supply chain transportation services.  Nisun will help ADM efficiently transport products from its factories to designated locations across China.

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