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A New Opportunity for Skin Care Wholesalers

Many industries and sectors across the global economy have greatly suffered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the associated recession caused by the Great Lockdown.  Demand for some goods and services has simply collapsed, while in other areas, the means of distributing them to retailers or consumers has been severed or greatly disrupted.

However, history is also replete with industries and markets resistant or immune to economic downturns.  Early indications are that this recession is no exception, and one of those “recession resistant industries” is in the skin care market.

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Demand for skin care products remains robust, and several sectors within the industry are actually expected to grow, despite the recession.

However, getting those skin care products to retailers and consumers has been a challenge. This is where Shop The Globe, a new global online wholesale marketplace, comes in.  With new products and categories being added every day, skin care— as well as cosmetics, beauty and personal care, and lip products— are already among our fastest growing categories.

Shop The Globe offers a wide variety of other products as well, from clothing to PPE.  Shop The Globe guides buyers to individual storefronts, for these and other products, through easy to use searches and filters, by category or country.  Shop The Globe also saves buyers time, providing an efficient, one-stop shopping experience.

As you know, it’s important for sellers to list their products in a currency they use and a language they understand.  That is why Shop The Globe provides services to sellers in over 100 major languages, and a wide variety of currencies.  More of each are on the way.

It’s also important to save money, so Shop The Globe has eliminated the costly middlemen between sellers and buyers.  This has enabled Shop The Globe to only charge sellers 12% of what they sell.


Shop The Globe also provides listings and news publications at no upfront, out-of-pocket cost to sellers.  Saving the money necessary to make money is important even in normal times.  It becomes even more so in these economically trying times.

Shop the Globe is owned by a global news company, Communal News, where readers have a voice.  It is our third site, along with Freelance Global Gigs.

Both sites have demonstrated tremendous growth over a short period of time.  Communal News and Freelance Global Gigs have established a global platform at no or very low cost to our venders.

Anyone can read our targeted articles on Communal News, Google News, or Facebook News. Communal News also provides up-to-date forecasts and reports on a wide variety of markets and industries, including the global skin care market.  For more information about our sites, click here.

Shop The Globe is a new alternative, and a new way for buyers and sellers to connect in these challenging times.  Give it a try today!  Shop the Globe’s Global Wholesale Vender Registration is free.

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