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A film-tech start-up looks at bridging supply chain gap for new talents

After fin-tech and edu-tech start-ups, now it is time for film-tech start-ups.

Coastal Breeze Productions Pvt Ltd, a start-up with four promoters from coastal Karnataka, is planning a technology-based movie-making platform for new talent entering the industry.

Murali Sarali, Founder and Promoter of Coastal Breeze, told BusinessLine that the start-up is in the process of creating a cognitive platform for entertainment and creative industry. The idea is to provide a platform to connect new talent with the other stakeholders in the industry supply chain.

The platform, ‘1ME’, is a single unified platform for media and entertainment sector, he said.

Sheshadri Udupa, another Founder and Promoter of Coastal Breeze, said that though there are many new talent, all of them do not get an opportunity.

“We thought of setting up a movie-making supply chain with ecosystem connectivity. It is a kind of a platform where the actors, technicians, producers, and directors can find the entire supply chain ecosystem,” he said.

Murali Sarali said that ‘1ME’ wants to create a seamless experience for new talents, investors, movie-makers and viewers. It will not only help bring structured approach to entire creative work such as movie making, but also give complete visibility across the process.

“We are piloting the platform and working with a few beta customers,” he said, adding that the platform has process and features to plan, prepare and execute pre-production and post-production works, and marketing and promotion activities.

Coastal Breeze’s platform will use machine learning technology to help make data-driven predictions, especially to optimise movie-making supply chain, marketing campaigns, and box office predictions. Murali Sarali said it will help transform creative industry business into more of data-driven prescriptive investment for investors and stakeholders.

Kannada movie

As part of its strategy, this film-tech start-up has now come out with a product in the form of a Kannada movie. Murali Sarali said that the recent developments in Kannada film industry is encouraging new talents. Many content-oriented movies have made a mark in the last one decade, as the audience supports such movies.

Added to this, many major names are coming forward to work with new talent in movie making, as new ideas are coming from that segment.

These factors encouraged the founders to seed the idea of ‘1ME’, and plan the Kannada movie Mundina Nildana (the next stop) project.

With Radhika Narayan (who played lead roles in hit Kannada movies such as U-Turn and Rangitaranga) and Dattanna (who played the role of an aged scientist in Akshay Kumar’s Mission Mangal) in the main roles, the movie is directed by Vinay Bharadwaj, a former investment banker from Singapore. The movie has seven songs composed by seven different music directors across the country.

Terming Mundina Nildana as a good experience, Sheshadri Udupa said: “We will document it. This repeatable model could be used not only for our production house but for others also.”

(Both Murali Sarali and Sheshadri Udupa have their own technology start-ups also. Suresh Kumar, a Mangaluru-based pulmonologist, and the Gulf-based NRI Taranath Rai are the other promoters of the film-tech start-up.)

The start-up is planning to raise seed funding by February, and is in discussion with a few investors in this regard, Murali Sarali added.

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