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5 Cool Factory Bobbers We’d Love To Throw A Leg Over (5 Custom Bobbers We’d Rather Ride)

Hacking away the redundant pieces from a stock motorcycle has been a popular method of modification for decades. These bikes became known as bobbers. Now, modern-day motorcycle manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to provide the bikers of today’s generation with factory-made bobber options that save them from having to undergo the toil and trouble of building their own.

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A traditional bobber always warranted hand-modification, whereby the owner stripped off all the unnecessary parts from a motorcycle – or bobbed it – to create an aesthetically pleasing and better-performing motorcycle that was lighter than the original. Whether you prefer the custom bobbers or the factory-styled versions, we’ve got something here for you.

10 Factory: Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber

via BikesRepublic

While having somewhat of a designed feel, the V9 Bobber from Italian manufacturer Moto Guzzi makes use of the all-new V9 models from 2016 to create their Bobber variants. In order to distinguish it from its Roamer variant, the V9 Bobber makes use of chubby 16-inch tires of 130/90 in the front and 150/80 in the rear.

via Baak Motorcyclettes

Other features that provide this motorcycle with a pseudo, yet subtle bobber demeanor are stubby pipes, narrow-thin seat, chopped fenders, and black accents throughout the motorcycle. It is powered by a 90-degree, transverse, 850cc V-twin engine. The Moto Guzzi V9 is one European cruiser that will make any Harley owner green with envy, and its bobber variant even more so – being an extremely beautiful and powerful motorcycle.

9 Custom: Dr. Skin – A Bobber Mod By Martin Becker

via Bike EXIF

A custom-building journey that began by meeting certain locals who owned custom-built Royal Enfields in Rajasthan, India, Martin Becker has since then led an eventful and accomplished life as a customizer, creating masterpieces for almost twenty-years while living in the gorgeous town of Heidelberg, Germany.

via Bike EXIF

Dr. Skin is one such masterpiece that has been built on an original FL frame from 1955, to comply with the TÜV restrictions that Germany has while modifying everything else on the bike. The bike is owned by Dr. Andreas Schlegel, a dermatologist, and is powered by a 1,524cc S&S Shovelhead engine that produces 75 hp. It also features a Super E carb from S&S, a Teardrop intake, mufflers from SC-Project, S&S transmission, and a handmade oil tank and header pipe.

8 Factory: CCM Spitfire Bobber

via Premier Bikes

Despite being a British motorcycle manufacturer, CCM has successfully created the perfect American bobber that reflects post-war designs with its Spitfire Bobber. Featuring thick spoked-wheels, solo seat, adjustable suspension, carbon-fiber components, Brembo brakes, white wall tires, and a hand-painted tank, this motorcycle is quite a spectacle.

via Pinterest

Powered by a single-cylinder, Husky TE630, fuel-injected engine that is used in all the CCM Spitfire models, this handmade, limited edition beauty with dual-pipe exhausts is capable of producing 55 hp.

7 Custom: Royal Enfield Beach Bobber By Motovida Cycles

via Pinterest

While bobbers can technically be built using any donor bike, certain motorcycles are better suited to donning the bobber look than others. Royal Enfield motorcycles offer the perfect tank design, engine layout, and frame to create beautiful bobbers with a retro look and feel.

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via Pinterest

Built upon a Royal Enfield Bullet from 2011, Canadian custom-shop Motovida Cycles and Brent Giesbrecht created the elegant Beach Bobber that was meant to reflect a bicycle-type design. The custom bobber features a classic chrome and pastel blue color-scheme with additional attractive components – such as the hand-stitched side bags.

6 Factory: Indian Scout Bobber Twenty

via Indian Motorcycle

The Indian Scout Bobber Twenty features a floating seat, wire-spoke wheels, and lowered suspension. However, the Scout Bobber Twenty uses the same V-twin, 100-hp engine, as well as the same chassis that Indian Motorcycle uses in the other Scout models.

via Total Motorcycle

The Indian Scout Bobber Twenty makes use of mini ape-bars to transform the riding position offered by other bikes in Indian’s lineup to something that is far more comfortable. It is definitely one Indian motorcycle people would ride over a Harley any day.

5 Custom: Kumram By Aoo Design Custom

via Pinterest

Inspired by the 1941 Harley-Davidson WRTT, this custom bobber based on the Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic by Aoo Design Custom is owned by Bangkok based Tuey Chuenprapar. Wanting to lessen the bulk and weight of the original Heritage Softail, which in itself is one of the best Harley-Davidson bikes ever made, and make it convenient for the cramped and busy streets of Bangkok, this customized bobber features a redesigned gas tank by Aoo Design Custom’s awesome builders Lik and Karenaj.

via Bike EXIF

Other components found on this incredible machine include drag-style handlebars from Neo Factory, custom 19-inch tires from the Sportster XL, brand-new calipers, discs, hand-controls and foot-controls from Performance Machine, Super E-carb from S&S, a custom breather tube, and subtly included front-turn signals from Motogadget. All-in-all, this is a killer custom bobber deserving all the attention that it receives.

4 Factory: Triumph Bonneville Bobber

via Triumph Motorcycles

Belonging to Triumph’s family of 900cc and 1,200cc retro roadsters, the 2016 Triumph Bonneville Bobber is arguably one of the most efficient, authentic, and dynamically-styled factory-built bobbers available.

via Top Speed

Featuring one of Triumph’s larger engines that has been detuned to generate greater torque, the Triumph Bonneville Bobber has a low-slung chassis, hidden shock, exquisite detailing, LED lights, and two different riding modes. Furthermore, this custom bobber handles like a dream and is one of the most successful models produced by Triumph in recent years.

3 Custom: French Bobber By BAAK

via Bike EXIF

BAAK, owned by Rémi Reguin, has launched its own version of the impressive Triumph Bonneville Bobber 1200. It’s known as the French Bob and is part of its latest platform for the growing parts catalog that they offer. Seeing as the original Triumph Bonneville Bobber is almost perfect, creating this custom-bobber was something of a challenge. However, with the French Bob, they were able to create a custom-built Triumph motorcycle that people would want to throw a leg over.

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via Bike EXIF

The path BAAK took with this customization was to implement a touch of vintage while amping-up aspects that already existed in the factory-built version. While the engine and frame remained original, BAAK tweaked the motorcycle with aftermarket springer forks, custom-built rear shocks by Shock Factory, machined up triple-trees kit, front-wheel axle, steering column, and little parts in the brake while keeping the original braking system intact.

2 Factory: Harley-Davidson Street Bob

via YouTube

The Harley-Davidson Street Bob is practically a Dyna Wide Glide in the body of a Softail. Having less mass than most of its siblings, the Street Bob makes for an incredible platform that allows the Milwaukee 107 powerplant used in this factory-built bobber to make a lasting impression.

via Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale

The lower weight also contributes to the Street Bob’s nimble handling, while the tight fenders, solo seat, and raised handlebars provide it with the aesthetics and feel that a bobber should have. This bike, although a bobber straight out of the factory, is also a delight for customizers, who like to execute their own design inputs regardless. The Street Bob is definitely one cool Harley-Davidson Bobber people would love to ride.

1 Custom: Harley-Davidson Ironhead Bobber By DP Customs

via Pinterest

Justin and Jarrod Del Prado owned New River, Arizona based, DP Customs is known for the incredible Harley modifications that they create. Created for a customer who was born in 1973, DP Customs created this custom 1973 Harley-Davidson Ironhead bobber – cleverly named Seventy Three.

via Pinterest

Painted satin blue and black, this impressive custom-bobber features a dearth of handmade parts to give it the unique look that it displays. Despite being a 47-year-old bike, DP Customs made sure that it looked better than a brand-new motorcycle, thereby creating one of the most beautiful custom Harleys people have ever seen.

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