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4 quick points in logistics if you are going to start in electronic commerce

Logistics is a key area in e-commerce, so mastering this activity gives you great opportunities to run your business well.

One aspect that we cannot lose sight of is the one that warns us of the ability of brands to innovate in the market.

More and more valuable guidelines have to be established in the market, so you need to better understand consumption.

Entrepreneurship in digital has made e-commerce a key opportunity to do so, so you have to make the most of resources such as home delivery, explained in very helpful management programs such as the one offered by the School of Marketing specialized in Delivery Marketing.

So that you get the most out of logistics, Sebastian Ojeda, CEO of Beetrack, shares us in this interview details to understand what the last mile is, the challenge in logistics and how to start a business when you do it in electronic commerce.

Merca2.0 – What is the last mile?

Sebastián Ojeda – The last mile in logistics refers to the final section of the goods delivery process at the destination indicated by the customer. Currently, it represents a crucial step in the logistics of electronic commerce, this stage is the most vital for companies, since it requires efficiency and cost adjustment, at the same time, it is a stretch in which there are setbacks, which come to be external to the company itself.

This may be due to the distribution of the product through transport, because if it fails to deliver the merchandise or product to the customer, the shopping experience becomes a bad experience. According to the Study on Online Sales in Mexico 2020, approximately 70 percent of customers value that their purchase arrives in perfect condition and at the indicated times.

The challenge is not easy and requires careful planning, as well as keeping the customer permanently informed. Therefore, the importance of investing in this software like the one developed by Beetrack.

In this sense, transport software for monitoring the last mile is an important ally. When choosing one of them, it must be ensured that it meets certain special characteristics:

Georeferencing of addresses

Use of mobile and cloud technology

Fleet management and route planning in a short time

Real-time control of each of the deliveries

Empowerment of customers on the follow-up of their orders through constant communication of the status of their order

Business intelligence on logistics processes through the visualization and control of KPIs online and in real time

Measurement and continuous improvement of the customer experience

Merca2.0 – What has been the biggest challenge in logistics, given the increase in electronic commerce as a consequence of the contingency?

SO – Maintain quality user experience while receiving historical order volumes.

Accelerated technological adoption has also accelerated the final delivery section and it is undoubtedly a challenge to be able to maintain high quality of service and end user satisfaction.

Merca2.0 – What is essential for an entrepreneur when adopting a logistics strategy that pays for his business and, on the contrary, does not wear it out?

SO – In the following four points I share what I think is essential to have happy customers:

Knowing the customer’s needs, this will allow a favorable shopping experience to be provided, speaking from when you are making the purchase online until you receive your product.

Having a stock of products updated day by day or if there is the possibility that it is done immediately, this will allow customers to know whether or not they can purchase the desired product

In terms of logistics it is always important to be transparent when communicating the day and time of delivery. This is important, since if the company meets the customer, he will always return; Well, the company will have given you the information in detail and as accurate as possible.

Having an area that is dedicated to knowing the comments of the experience offered by the company and taking into account their needs, this will allow the client to feel appreciated and supported.

Merca2.0 – What do you recommend to someone who is going to undertake for the first time and requires a logistics service, what should he study before doing it?

SO – When we start a business, it is important to study what the company offers, how it will deliver what it offers to the client and how it will ensure a positive experience. This will give you the necessary bases to trace your logistics chain.

It is highly recommended to incorporate technology into these processes, using optimization and traceability tools. There are currently platforms on the market, such as those offered by Beetrack, which are used by large companies, but which are affordable for small and medium-sized companies.

In any business, the experience provided to the customer is substantial, that is, from the moment the product is offered until it reaches the customer’s hands; what will make him come back and recommend it to his acquaintances

Also, something very necessary is to know the needs of the clients, where the market is going and what are the possible challenges or opportunities of this. In addition, it is essential to always have the support and guidance of strategic partners that allow the healthy development of the company.

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