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3 Ways To Enhance Supply Chain Benefits Patients

Enhanced supply chain management can bring remarkable changes in the healthcare sector; therefore most of the healthcare organizations are adopting such new innovations.

FREMONT, CA: Proper supply chain management is essential for all sectors of healthcare, including a health system, bio-pharma company, or a pharmacy. Efficient supply chain processes can help operational and financial outcomes. When the supply chain is maximized, it will improve adherence and better health outcomes. 

Here are three strategies to get more from the supply chain and deliver more to patients:

1. Tap into supply chain data 

Hospital pharmacies can make better choices for patients by tapping into the data within their supply chain. It will empower the hospital pharmacy’s supply chain through data. This data can inform whether the demand for a particular drug has diminished or not or which new drug is available for better results.

It will tell whether there is a need to adjust the PAR level, which is the amount of a drug that you need to have onsite at any one time safely. When pharmacies have the right amount of inventory and the knowledge of drugs, it will avoid shortages and will provide better care for patients.

2. Remove your clinicians from supply chain functions

If clinicians within a health system are bogged down by supply chain management, they can’t offer the best care to patients. They can utilize more time with patients if supply chain functions are automated or done by a third party. It is better to have a supply chain executive or third party manage supply chain tasks or Automate inventory management functions with predictive ordering.  

3. Create patient-friendly packaging

Organizations should choose the best packaging for your drug company’s specific storage, shipping, dosage and accessibility requirements. By doing this, patients can get their medication more safely and efficiently, and user-friendly drug packaging helps patients stay adherent. A good drug packaging should ensure safe transportation and should be easily accessible and user-friendly for patients.

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