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2022 Holiday Season Trend Forecast from NY NOW

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A kaleidoscope of culture. An icon of style. A destination that outdoes itself every time. The NY NOW Summer Market brought together brands, designers and buyers to connect and discover a world of inspiration. We got a firsthand look at the gift industry’s hottest debuts, high-end designs, and must-have wares. Read on for standout trends that are sure to shape the industry. 

ESW Beauty’s mission is to develop beauty products made with clean, ethically sourced, and sustainable ingredients. They firmly believe product formulation and ingredients should be held to a higher standard. Every brand has a different definition of clean beauty, but to ESW it means creating products with a strict standard where skincare is formulated with non-toxic ingredients (they have a long list that they don’t include) and is made in a sustainable way. 

Whether it’s nauseating effects of motion sickness from travel, vertigo or virtual reality, you Blisslets acupressure bracelets can help. They are a proven, effective, and drug-free solution for those seeking nausea relief. This beautiful and functional jewelry was invented by Katie Aparicio to assure whoever wore these bracelets would feel and look good.   

The words we say to ourselves matter. Notes to Self is a daily dose of positivity, right on the toes. These socks target the subconscious mind, which is  most receptive early in the morning and late at night. The goal is to improve your thoughts, actions, and performance…assisting you in creating the life of your dreams. 

Today’s high-impact lifestyles can take a toll on our precious systems, especially when trying to figure out how to relieve stress, naturally. Replenish, rejuvenate, and get back to center with Pinch Me Therapy Dough. This professionally developed, soft, pliable dough is infused with calming aromatherapy. This squishable compound is designed to channel relief through the senses, naturally.  

Tuuwa is passionate about pure ingredients and truly natural products. They pour the best herbs, oils, butters, hydrosols, and waters together to create healing tinctures for every skin type and every skin problem. Each formula is lovingly crafted without phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol, petroleum derivatives, artificial fragrances or colors, toxic synthetic preservatives, or emulsifiers. 

Mierco is a designer, importer, and wholesaler of European linens made of primarily fine quality jacquard tea towels from all corners of Europe. Most designs are Mierco exclusives, and they believe they offer the best values in the market for quality European jacquard tea towels. Their towels also function as table-toppers, café curtains, wine-bottle-wrappers or for adding a quick splash of vibrant color to a kitchen or table. 

Garden Glory is a new collection of hoses, nozzles, and wall brackets that are every bit as colorful and eye catching as the most stunning roses and perennials. Garden Glory products comes in five distinct colors to add a bit of glamour when watering the garden. 

Knowing that fashion and sustainability go hand-in-hand, Solmate Socks understands that every action the company takes today has an impact on tomorrow. This is why they are committed to using sustainably sourced, eco-friendly fibers in every product they make. The brand allows you to embrace your individuality without compromising your earth-friendly principles.  

HidrateSpark is a smart water bottle designed to empower individuals to live a healthier life through hydration. You input your physical parameters (gender, height, etc.) and activity level in the company’s app. Then the app automatically generates how much water you should drink per day. And throughout the day, the app tracks your progress and reminds you when to drink by sending glowing reminders to the bottle. 

Hanglo is the world’s first 2-1 hanger that lights up your closet. It is motion activated, runs on AAA batteries that are included, and has an auto shut-off, so you don’t have to worry about shutting off the light and coming back to dead batteries in the morning. Just one Hanglo hanger lights an average closet. They are great for hard-to-reach areas in a closet such as under shelves and deep corner pockets. 

Rabble is the unruly party game. Get friends to guess your team’s Rabble Cards as quickly as possible, do ridiculous challenges, and have the best time. Each round uses the same cards but has different restrictions on how to give clues. This game was created as an easy way to spark more unforgettable nights with friends, creating memories with hilarious jokes. 

Pure Wine is a leading Australian winery and distribution business, representing an exceptional portfolio of Australian and international wine brands along with other alcoholic beverages. They have a portfolio of iconic brands that are among the best in the country. 

With holiday season quickly in route, we are destined to see some of these items on wish lists and wrapped up for loved ones. We will be back at NY NOW for their winter show February 5-8, 2023 to spark and spot what is new and next. 

For more trends, read the latest from trendspotter Nancy Trent

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