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2021 Ford Bronco Shows Engine “Octopus” in Factory Close-Ups of Chassis Goodies

With all the hype surrounding the reinvented rock-crawling SUV, Ford definitely doesn’t need any more slip-ups when dealing with the 2021 Bronco. The fact that production has been allegedly delayed until the early days of March and the first deliveries aren’t coming until sometime this summer is more than enough, right?

The Blue Oval certainly doesn’t need to add fuel to the fire of rumors that would make people even more restless than already are. Seriously, if the company wants to have a satisfied fan base, they need to get everything in working order and don’t mess up anymore.

That’s because the enthusiast community revolving around the 2021 Bronco is basically huge (just remember the official reservations update from last October, which tallied more than 190k), and a force to be reckoned with. Just look at the number of prototypes getting spotted on a daily basis or the fact that we can check out just about every aspect of the current assembly process from the factory.

In case you need any more evidence about the latter being a regular occurrence, here’s another picture gallery from the factory to bode well with the red 4-Door First Edition we just checked out the other day. This time around, a new post shared by the forum is dealing with a bare bone chassis setup, which proudly showcases a lot of the internals.

As such, we can take a closer look – granted, the pictures are of so-so quality, but no one imagines a factory being the perfect photo studio – at the entire frame, the suspension, axles, hubs, and the engine.

Anyone with a bit of mechanical knowledge will easily appreciate the importance of seeing these kinds of close-ups, especially when considering the 2021 Bronco needs to live up to an iconic off-roading reputation.

After all, the Blue Oval’s reinvented range of Bronco models – even the little Bronco Sport – is being touted as capable to “deliver thrilling and confident off-road experiences that build on the DNA of the original 1966 Bronco and its racing heritage, with ingenious new updatable technologies and adventure-ready attributes created for today’s outdoor enthusiasts.”

Seeing the chassis setup in a real-world environment makes us a little bit more confident the company will actually deliver on its promises, and we can honestly say there was just one thing that made our eyebrows shiver just a little. That would be the octopus of tubes proudly displayed by the engine.

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