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Weekly Wrap: Rebalancing and Picks Based on Experts’ Forecasts

Editor’s Picks
3 Questions That Stump Investment Experts
They can guess, but they do not know.

Here’s Why You Should Rebalance
Keep your portfolio’s risks in check with this one simple trick.

How’d Active Funds Do in 2019? So-So
Active funds tasted success a bit more often in 2019. But most still lagged the indexes.

15 Picks Based on Experts’ Forecasts
Experts think foreign stocks, especially emerging markets, are attractive. Here are Morningstar’s favorites for those themes.

9 Winners Managing ESG Risk
These stocks are well-positioned to tackle the material environmental, social, and governance risks facing their industries.

Earnings Reports
Our take on E-Trade, Intel, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Netflix, and IBM.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz
4 Strategies for an Organized Tax Season
Has tax season become a frustrating paper chase? These tactics can buy you some relief.
Bucket Portfolios Get Boost From Market Performance in 2019
Christine Benz discusses her model retirement saver and bucket portfolios.

What You Can Learn From Your 1099 Forms
These forms can yield valuable intelligence about your portfolio’s asset location and tax efficiency.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds
3 Foreign-Stock Funds for Rebalancing in 2020  
Look to these Morningstar favorites to increase your international-equity exposure.

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Large-Growth Fund  
Go beyond total returns and dig into the nuances of the category.

Low-Vol Strategies Are Not the Same as Value, Profitability  
Low-volatility strategies have different intended outcomes compared with value and profitability.

Where to Go Active?
Alex Bryan discusses which parts of the market are more ideal for an active approach.

How to Choose a Short-Term Bond Fund  
Here are three recommendations that fit the bill by focusing on liquidity, diversification, and thorough risk management.

A Fine Choice for Small-Cap Seekers  
The Silver-rated fund applies a disciplined, relative value approach that emphasizes bottom-up stock-picking.

A Less Volatile Way to Invest in Emerging Markets  
A smoother ride is possible.

How ESG Risk Affects Pharma and Biotech Moats and Valuations 
Morningstar and Sustainalytics offer complementary methodologies.

Amazon Fresh Is Finally Ready for Prime Time  
Could dropping monthly fees be the upside catalyst the market is looking for?

Finding Telecom and Media Value Beyond the Border  
As telecom and media valuations in the U.S. move sharply higher, Mexican firms Grupo Televisa and America Movil trade at a discount.

Remaking Retirement
New Retirement Law Throws IRA Heirs a Curveball  
Contributor Mark Miller discusses the death of stretch IRAs contained in the SECURE Act–and how retirement planners are scrambling to respond.

Advisor Insights
Answering Another Key Question in a Request for Proposal
Contributor Scott Simon argues why he doesn’t think alternative investments are good choices for retirement plans.

The Long View
Jon Hale: ESG Is a Paradigm Shift
Our global ESG research leader on how sustainable investing has evolved and what comes next as it goes mainstream.

The Short Answer
How Much Risk Should I Take When Investing?
Determine your ideal risk level in three easy steps.

Sustainability Matters
A Tipping Point for Sustainable Investing
How did we get here? Gradually, then suddenly.

4 Lessons From BlackRock’s Bold ESG Statement
CEO Larry Fink charts an ambitious path for sustainable investing to become accessible and accepted. What will it take to succeed?

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