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Upper Hand Brewery will begin distribution of beer to the Lower Peninsula this fall | WJMN

ESCANABA, Mich. (WJMN) — An Upper Peninsula brewing company will soon expand their distribution, beginning in lower Michigan.

The Escanaba based, Upper Hand Brewery, announced that starting this fall they will begin distribution of their beer to Lower Peninsula. Upper Hand will send shipments of their beer to Northern Michigan sometime in September.

“It was time for this to happen,” said Larry Bell, Founder & President, Bell’s Brewery.

“The brewery has been busy and I kind of had the shackles on them with my rule to say Upper Peninsula only and I think it’s time to celebrate the Upper Peninsula, maybe drive people up there, but it’s time to let them spread their wings and fly and share their good beer with other Michiganders.”

A subdivision of Bell’s Brewery, their president believe it’s been long over due to give down state the taste of the Upper Peninsula.

“Upper Hand from a percentage stand point has been far much better, so Upper Hand is in positive territory, their busy.” said Bell.

“Right now, we’re all trying to be as efficient as we can in our businesses, but it’s sort of all hands on deck at both places when it comes to the packaging line. So, as we get into this, we definitely foresee doing some hires in Escanaba.”

Larry said that most of the staff at the Upper Hand Brewery lives in the Delta County area and believes it’s important to support this community during this trying time.

“The great thing was, when we first opened Upper Hand, I was involved with a little bit more in the initial brand, and really what has happened was just what I wanted to happen,” said Bell.

“The folks that are up there have really taken it on as their own and their the ones developing the brands, their the ones living in the Upper Peninsula, and they’ve really become economists in coming up with their names, their marketing, their recipes, and that’s the way it should be. They don’t need some troll from down below messing things up there.”

To kick this off, Upper Hand will be sending their most popular beers down to the Lower Peninsula: the Upper Peninsula Ale, Upper Hand IPA, and their Upper Hand Light.

Upper Hand Brewery will continue to work with Upper Peninsula businesses as they have been for since they began production in 2013.

“Upper Hand has always been about supporting U.P. culture through beer, but there are a lot of people below the bridge that have a love for the U.P. and so, it’s great to be able to share the beer with them on a more regular basis,” said Bell.

Upper Hand Brewery Press Release:

A taste of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is headed to the Mitten.

Upper Hand Brewery, a division of Bell’s Brewery, will end its drought of availability below the Mackinac Bridge.

Beginning this fall, Upper Hand will begin distribution of its beer to the Lower Peninsula.

“When we started this adventure more than five years ago, we wanted to give everyone another reason to come and enjoy the beauty and culture of the U.P.,” said Larry Bell, founder and president of Bell’s Brewery.

“That mission has not changed. We are just sharing more of what makes the Upper Peninsula
special and will hopefully entice more people to make the trek up here and experience this beer where it’s meant to be enjoyed.”

“Every can, every pour, is another invitation to that experience. Our goal is still to bring people up north. Now, everyone will have one less excuse not to sample a taste of what the U.P. has to offer,” Bell added.

Upper Hand will ship initially to Northern Michigan in September, where Griffin Beverage and H. Cox & Son will handle distribution. Additional distributors and territories will follow in 2021.

Upper Hand Brewery will begin Northern Lower Peninsula distribution with its three most popular yearround brands: UPA (Upper Peninsula Ale), Upper Hand IPA, and Upper Hand Light, with additional brands to follow.

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Keep it simple with the U.P.’s own light lager. Upper Hand® Light is crisp, crushable, and delicious: all day, any day, and every day.
4.2% alcohol by volume
Available Year-Round – Cans and Draft

Our flagship and firstborn, UPA® is our go-anywhere, do-anything, back-to-basics pale ale. Timeless and traditional, some things are classics for a reason.
5.5% alcohol by volume
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Upper Hand Brewery is a crew of hikers, campers, dog-walkers, anglers, hunters, bikers, and folks that just want to get out there. We believe that life’s mission is to do what you love, where you love, with the people you love.

For us, that means brewing the best beer we can, in the best place on Earth: Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

We put a lot of thought into brewing beer that reflects what we love about where we live. We have the unique opportunity to try and capture an experience—a sense of place—in each and every beer, and we take it seriously. That’s not to say we don’t have a lot of fun. The U.P. is full of adventures and we love making beer that makes those adventures even better.

A little more about us: our founder—Larry Bell of Bell’s Brewery—had always dreamed of opening a
brewery in the Upper Peninsula. Little clues of those dreams can be found in many of the classic Bell’s brands, which pay tribute to the U.P. in their names and label artwork. His dream became a reality when we broke ground on our 20-barrel brewhouse in 2013, and we haven’t looked back since.

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