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LONDON–()–Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of its latest article that offers comprehensive insights on why supply chain visibility is essential for businesses to succeed.

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Globalization, rising competition, and the growing market complexities have broadened the difficulty for companies to effectively monitor their ever-expanding supplier networks. Advanced supply chain analytics solutions can help businesses enhance supply chain visibility by helping them monitor and track the components in transit, as they move from the manufacturing unit to the final destination. Though the goal here is to enhance visibility by improving process efficiency, supply chain visibility also plays a huge role in ensuring quick response to changes in the supply chain processes.

According to Quantzig’s supply chain analytics experts, “Supply chain visibility gives you a better handle on your materials, inventory, and transportation, thereby allowing you to eliminate middlemen and spot supply chain inefficiencies in real-time.”

Though advanced tools today provide complete visibility into the supply chain, you need experts who can anticipate and respond to the changes in your industry. By combining both the efforts your company will be well-positioned to operate more efficiently. Talk to our analytics experts to learn more.

Importance of Supply Chain Visibility

  1. Facilitates demand forecasting: To make the most out of your supply chain investments, proper information-sharing, analysis, collaboration, and decision-making are vital. Companies must have a team that can dissect information, communicate with suppliers and business partners, and model different outcomes.
  2. Compliance with regulatory demands: Tools that enhance supply chain visibility can help businesses to keep a close watch on the changing rules and regulatory compliances. This is especially useful for companies that operate on a global scale, as it helps them to effectively manage the complexities associated with trade agreements and government tariffs.
  3. Tackle rising complexities of SCM: Several companies today operate on a global scale and use various modes of logistics and shipping to serve their customers. In this case, deploying a process to enhance supply chain visibility is essential to track the supplier network activity accurately.

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