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Pet Yorkshire terrier killed by FedEx delivery driver’s package, family says

VENICE, Calif. – A Southern California family is mourning the loss of their pet Yorkshire terrier that they say was crushed under the weight of a FedEx package.

Keiko Napier and Michell Galin told KCBS their pint-sized pup Cooper was in the backyard of their Venice home, lying in the sun, when a FedEx delivery driver tossed a heavy package over their wall and onto Cooper.

“So I immediately picked up the box, and Cooper was in a puddle of blood,” Galin said.

The couple rushed Cooper to a local veterinarian who told them she had serious injuries to her lungs and liver. After seeing the pain she was in, they decided to euthanize her.

FedEx expressed their “deepest sympathies” to the family and said in a statement that they would investigate what happened and take the appropriate action.

The family said they want more from FedEx than a promise to look into the incident.

“Our grandchild plays out here,” Napier told KCBS. “My mother is out here gardening. I’m here gardening. And the package was so heavy, should it have struck one of us, it would’ve caused damage — very very severe damage.”

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