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Peas from Peru to Japan

Osaka, Japan: Peruvian sugar snap peas are reaching new markets with Daikin controlled atmosphere containers.

Ocean Network Express shipped Peruvian sugar snap peas earlier this year from Callao, Peru, to Yokohama, Japan using controlled atmosphere Daikin reefer boxes.

The container took 24 days at sea. Previously, sugar snap peas would have been exported to Japan by air freight in order to arrive in optimum condition to meet the demands of this high-end produce market.  

The Daikin system reduces oxygen and manages carbon dioxide levels, as well as boosting nitrogen levels to put fresh produce into a state of hibernation inside the reefer. This helps to maintain the quality of the fruit and extend the shelf life and the overall storage life of fresh produce, even on long of journeys such as the Latin America to Asia route.

“This shipment of Peruvian sugar snap peas to Japan demonstrates how Daikin Active CA is helping us to expand our cargo range by sea”, Ocean Network Express said. “Whereas sugar snap peas were previously only transported by expensive air freight, we are delighted to complete a successful ocean shipment using Daikin’s refrigerated container technology to ensure this produce gets to market in a ‘fresh-picked’ state. We have also successfully converted transportation from air to sea”.

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