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Orthodontic Software Startup ArchForm opens 3D Printed Aligner Factory for Doctors

3D printed dental aligner
Above: 3D printed dental aligner/Image Credit: ArchForm

ArchForm, a leader in aligner treatment planning software, has announced 3D printed aligner production for orthodontists, at half of the price of traditional aligner companies.

ArchForm’s 3D software that has helped doctors 3D print aligners in-office for tens of thousands of patients now offers aligners on demand. Orthodontists can combine the speed of 3D printing in-office aligners with the ease of outsourcing, making aligner therapy more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Historically clear aligners have cost more than metal braces, with braces costing an average of $5500. The high costs associated with metal braces are from the frequent doctor-performed chair time in adjusting brackets and wires.

ArchForm’s aligner platform has changed the pricing structure offered by traditional aligner companies, making aligners cheaper for both doctors and patients.

“I envision the future of aligners looking dramatically different very soon,” says Andrew Martz, the 28-year-old Founder of ArchForm. “This cost-disruptive model will democratize aligners starting at the doctor level. By giving doctors more control to 3D print their own aligners, it makes aligner therapy more affordable and accessible for everyone.”

ArchForm’s full-service aligner platform is now complete with new manufactured aligners, giving orthodontists full control: 3D print aligners in-office, order 3D printed aligners from ArchForm, or combine in-office and outsourced aligners for cost and time savings. Coupled with ArchForm’s treatment plans, aligner therapy is now affordable and easy for orthodontists, without the barriers of cost or equipment.

Here’s how it works: orthodontists using ArchForm take digital scans during their patient’s initial appointment, 3D print same-day aligners in their office labs, and outsource the rest of the patient’s treatment with ArchForm’s manufactured aligners. Instead of waiting 4-6 weeks to receive aligners, orthodontists can offer their patients the best of both worlds: same-day aligners with doctor-performed treatment.

ArchForm’s aligners are made with 3D printers and precision robotic engineering, ensuring fast treatment and reliable results. The multi-layer plastic material is clearer, smoother, and speeds up treatment time compared to other leading brands.

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