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Mother’s Day gift prices see spike due to inflation, supply chain

The owner of Paraiso Flower Shop in Irving told WFAA that most customers opted for smaller arrangements this Mother’s Day after inflation impacted flower costs.

IRVING, Texas — At Paraiso Flower Shop in Irving, owner Blanca Romero’s workflow didn’t slow down leading up to Mother’s Day.  

“Today is very busy,” Romero said on Sunday afternoon.    

It wasn’t just completing a large amount of orders she was worried about. 

Romero told WFAA that inflation and supply chain issues have been crippling in the days leading up to one of the busiest days of the year.  

“This year is high,” Romero said.  

Romero said the cost of flowers she purchases from wholesalers has spiked drastically.   

According to statistics from the Labor Department, indoor plants and flower prices are up 14% from 2020. 

Florists like Romero are increasing prices to cover flower costs.  

“My price to deliver is more than last year it’s $5 more, they say ‘why?’ That’s because it’s the price for the gas, flowers, driver, everything is high!” Romero said.   

The National Retail Federation estimated that this Mother’s Day, consumers are expected to spend an average of $245 on mother’s day, a record amount. 

Mother’s Day spending is expected to total $31.7 billion this year, up $3.6 billion from 2021’s record spending, according to NRF.  

When it comes to the flower industry, even delivery drivers are dealing with higher costs of doing business. 

Deliver driver Sir Gardner told WFAA he’s paying more for gas this year, and it’s making deliveries more costly.  

“It’s crazy. It’s real crazy,” Gardner said.   

Gardner said the increase in gas prices is getting passed down to customers this year.   

“The price goes up on gas, then the price goes up on delivery,” Gardner said.  

Despite inflation and supply chain issues, Romero said her business is going strong. On Sunday, she showed customers a selection of vases and teddy bears to choose from. The merchandise currently in her store took two months to arrive due to supply chain issues.  

Since she had to raise her prices this year, a majority of her customers opted for small arrangements.    

“People don’t wanna spend a lot this year,” Romero said.  

Despite higher prices, pre-ordered arrangements covered every corner of her shop.

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