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This decision will impact first and foremost on hundreds of drivers, who are either on the road or are supposed to set out in the coming days to carry goods to people in the UK and across the EU. This will cause them, their families, and their employers great anxiety as they will have no idea when or how they will get home. We urge the authorities on all sides to consider their welfare above all else in the hours ahead.

We must also remember that the UK has a resilient and diverse food supply chain, we are operating at our peak trading period with well stocked supermarkets and supply chains full of all the products people need for Christmas. We urge consumers to trust in the professionals working across the cold chain to do their job. They have proved they can do this every day through Covid.

As we learnt in March the biggest cause of products running out on the shelves, will be unnecessary and excessive buying, we urge everyone to play their part and buy only what they genuinely need.

Whilst we face no shortages now, we do need urgent agreements between the UK and EU Governments to find a way to safely allow freight movements to continue. This has been possible at every other stage through the pandemic. An extended period of stopped movement now will cause significant problems for supply chains in January.

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