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Freight Futures Dily Curve: 11/14

Freight Futures data to watch today: National and Regional Forward Curves

The Trucking Freight Futures markets continue to reflect the general state of the spot freight rate environment with trading interest being confined to narrow price bands and very little volatility across the futures forward curves. This is particularly true through the balance of 2019 and into the first half of 2020. Wednesday’s market activity reflected this with the spot National contract (FUT.VNU201911) ending the session unchanged at $1.482/mile. The South regional contract (FUT.VSU201911) finished the trading session unchanged as well and settled at $1.350. The East regional contract (FUT.VEU201911) finished higher by 0.14% and ended at $1.469 while the West regional contract dropped by 0.12% to $1.628.

On the individual lanes, three of the seven contracts had end of day price movements. In the East, the CHI to ATL contract (FUT.VCA201911) inched up 0.16% to close at $1.903 as did the ATL to PHI contract (FUT.VAP201911), which settled 0.13% higher at $1.579. In the West, the SEA to LAX contract (FUT.VSL201911) dropped 0.35% to finish the session at $1.141. The remaining four lanes were unchanged on the day.

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