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DOH-Collier to begin vaccine distribution Sunday


COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Collier County is set to begin on Sunday at 9 a.m. While the appointments are all already filled, there are some things you can do to be prepared.

The drive-thru site is at the Collier County Government Center in Naples. But, there will be consequences for anyone who shows up without an appointment.

Seeing the lines in Lee County full of seniors who camped out overnight upsets Marti Pisha from Naples. “I feel that some of the people who really need it are not able to wait in line. I don’t feel that it’s fair for them,” said Pisha.

She’s glad that Collier County has enacted the appointment and waitlist system, as are many others.

RC Wall lives in Naples. “It’s [a] guarantee that you be there at 10 o’clock you get your shot at 10 o’clock and you don’t have to sit there in the sun all day long waiting for your appointment to come u,” Wall said.

The Department of Health in Collier County says that if you do not have an appointment and you decide to show up anyway, be prepared to be turned away.

They have the exact number of vaccine doses that they have appointments. And while they do have a waitlist or could sign up for an appointment. But Stephen Wall wants to let things calm down before he does that.

“No, I’m gonna wait until it’s all tested out. It’s better to wait a little bit and when everybody gets done and stuff we’ll see how it goes,” said Wall.

But when Pisha’s time comes, she’ll be happy to get her appointment. “Because I think it’s a civil duty because not only am I going to protect myself I’m going to protect the people who are around me. I have family I love and I don’t want to carry in the germs being asymptomatic to them,” said Pisha.

If you are on Collier county’s waitlist for any of the vaccine distributions, DOH-Collier says don’t get in line just yet. They will send you an email if someone cancels their appointment and you will then have 12 hours to respond and secure your appointment.

For vaccine information for other SWFL counties, follow this link.

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