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Buytasker App to connect freight forwarders with their network

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If you want to grow your business, having a strong network is key for any freight forwarder. Having the right contacts, exchanging information and staying in touch are all important parts of a successful logistics company.

Traditionally, that means a lot of travelling, emailing and subscribing to multiple networks, which involves a lot of money and time spent growing business contacts.



Now, freight forwarders have the opportunity to have that whole network right at their fingertips – the Buytasker App will combine an online network with a news channel and group chats, which means everything the user needs to grow their contacts will be in one easily accessible place.

The app will allow users to connect with up to 1,091 logistics offices that are already part of the growing Buytasker network right from their smartphones. They will not only be able to connect to other freight forwarders but also be able to directly communicate with customers to work on projects. The app will be a network that gives users the chance to connect with everyone from the same platform.

Instead of conversations happening across email, phone and social media, project planning with customers can all be done in one space, where users can easily trace back talking points and find files.

The user can also access public and private news channels for supply chain news. The channels will combine hundreds of resources, information and updates, so users will get the best of supply chain news from multiple sources. Users will know all the most important information of what is going on in their sector and how it will influence their business, with notifications coming in straight to their smartphone.

There is the option of signing up to payment protection, so freight forwarders can focus on the more critical issues their business faces, instead of worrying about payment. The app includes Network Pay, enabling payments across the globe without fees.

With 1,091 member offices, 12 connected networks and 6,500 logistics providers across 190 countries signed up so far, the app will be a meeting point for anyone who is looking to connect their business to the world of logistics.

The app also includes features such as LinkedIn, Slack and WhatsApp, bringing it all together in one place to make it more accessible and easy to use by anyone. Users can also create public and private groups, to communicate with the right people at the right time.

Plus, there will be an option to connect with one of Buytasker’s 12 Partner Logistic Network Channels, to grow your network even further and strengthen your business contacts.

Additionally, users will be sharing and posting content about what their companies might be up to or any kind of interesting news they would like to share with their network. They will see what other companies are posting and keep updated about things that are going on in their network.

The app will be available on iOS and Android (Date). Find out more about the app here.

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