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Advantia customer service team recognised for their service

The Advantia customer service team have been recognised at the recent BOSS Awards for their outstanding contribution to both Spicers, where they are based, and the Advantia dealers who they support on a daily basis

The team were nominated and recognised for the BOSS Unsung Hero Award.

This award is usually given to individuals who demonstrate an outstanding level of commitment to getting the job done whilst delivering outstanding tangible results. They also need to be a role model for their peers and a champion of best practise in internal/external customer service. This is the first time a whole team has been honoured with this prestigious award.

The nomination was put forward for the team of seven for their outstanding service to the Advantia members over the last seven challenging years during a number of major changes, including transitioning from Truline to VOW and finally to Spicers. During these times they have given up their own time over weekends and evenings, during cold winter months to personally help to make sure there was no break in service for members.

The team, based within Spicers are the key link between the Advantia members and the wholesaler. They provide all of the logistical support members need to ensure the smooth running of their businesses.

The team are a friendly, productive forward-thinking group who go out of their way to deliver exceptional service to members. They are not afraid to highlight inefficiencies, provide potential resolutions and follow them through with training to provide improvements company wide. They are viewed as customer service brand champions.

This is a true tight-knit team who go way beyond the norm and play a key they role in the everyday lives of the Advantia members. Their sheer grit and determination to deliver exceptional service is unprecedented. Their willingness to consistently go the extra mile with the ethos ‘No way will we let our members down’ makes them stand out from the crowd.

They have been recognised as being exceptional in attitude, hard work, commitment, professionalism and continual vision for improvement. What qualities do they have? Extremely special qualities, along with drive, determination, motivation, hard-working, loyal, trustworthy, experienced, efficient, open-minded, resourceful, sensitive, friendly, dependable, patient, thoughtful and unbelievably loyal. They are seen as a real asset to the Advantia group.

The team never sit back to reflect on their achievements, they are always looking for the next opportunity for improvement. The changes they have made to the Advantia dealers by supporting all elements of the wholesaler partnership have been considerable, they are rightly held in high esteem by their colleagues, senior management and most of all by all of the Advantia members.

Beck Miller operations director at Advantia is responsible for this nomination and commented: “When I saw this award from BOSS I just knew I had to nominate our customer service team. We are regularly told of the numerous ways they go out of their way to support our members. Their commitment, hard work and ethos to not stop until it’s done, put them in a different league. They are genuinely an exceptional bunch of people who more than deserve the award. Congratulations on being recognised for your contributions over the last seven years. We feel privileged to work with you.”

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